click the button for donating Channel Three Berlin

click the button for donating Channel Three Berlin


Channel Three Berlin is a Organization dedicated to supporting a community of artists and intellectuals of all mediums. We feature many of the great artists that support us and feature some of the best music in the world. Our event is also known for stunning visuals, amazing art, and thought provoking films. Our goal is to create a community of musicians, artists and thinkers that appreciate art of all mediums and give them a permanent home where they can bond and exchange ideas.

We want to built a new and greater roof for all religions under the great house of god. Our interests include but aren’t limited to Music, Art, Philosophy, Science, History, Theology, Sacred Geometry, Quantum Physics, Cosmology, Nibiru, Cymatics, Metaphysics, Lucid Dreaming…anything that evokes thought, emotion and the search for your past lifes and the truth.


Channel Three Berlin started as a yearly three day event of like-minded thinkers getting together to celebrate live music, philosophy and art under a unique culture. Our long term plan is to ground Channel Three  to its own space, which will serve as the company headquarters to help underprivileged and disenfranchised youth/adults by acting as a community center for the arts.

Because our organization is grounded in Music, Art and Philosophy, we have a unique message to offer people who may have had a difficult time connecting with the rest of their peers. In addition Channel Three  headquarters intends to have fund raising events to showcase music and art for artists that have a unique message.

We will create a successful schedule of events guided by our backbone philosophy: to connect on a deeper level and spread the creative spirit and the power of the individual. Please go to Channel Three Berlin to learn more about our organization and events we have planed for the near future.


Like minded people interested in intelligent thought provoking music, art and philosophy, reincarnation of the immortable soul – and this is one of our main interests – to bring that out, we collect many international stars ( as you see on the following list ).

And its our target – to bring them / or a few of them together as one.

We wish – that these VIP`s are showing, for what they standing for ( as they show us the three – in the most of our supporting pictures.

CH 3 Multi 0








Wir über uns








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